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Getting Started With Your New DIY Website


The MyBizNow DIY website builder is so easy to use, your site will be up and ready to show off in no time! To get started, go to and click CREATE A NEW WEBSITE.   Here you'll find a collection of templates, broken down into categories for you based on what type of business you have. If you're a photographer, for example, you may want a theme that allows for more images, whereas a service provider may want more text space.

Take some time to browse through the templates to get a feel for the layout and function of each one. Once you have decided on a template that you like, go ahead and click on the "Customize Now" button found at the top right hand corner of your screen.

Remember, you can customize your theme to suit your brand and needs so you are not locked into the suggested themes. The themes offered are simply a guide to make the process of choosing and building easier.

Customizing Your Website
Once you have chosen a template that you like you can begin to customize your website. There will be a tool bar at the top of the DIY sitebuilder. There you will ind three categories; Manage Pages, Add an Element, and Add a Blank Page.

Manage Pages
This feature allows you to duplicate, delete, add, and reorder your website pages. For example, if you want extra gallery pages to add more images, you can click on "duplicate" and it will add the new page to your website automatically. You can also click on "Add Page" and choose from the menu that appears.

Add an Element
The tools available here are what allow you to really make the site your own. You can add additional text boxes, slideshows, videos, contact boxes, widgets, and more.

An example of customizing the site to make it yours, consider the initial static home page photo.  Right click on the photo and a box will appear around it giving you the ability to delete the entire section. Once it is gone, go to "Add an Element", click on "Slideshow" and then position the new slideshow area where the static picture was.

From there you can click on "Manage" where you can delete the stock photos and add your own. There are also options to change the setting of the slideshow so that you can change the rotation speed and size. You may also add social widgets to your pictures.

These tools can be used on every page in your website to make the entire site fully branded for your business and ensure all of your needs are met.

Within settings you have the ability to change the color scheme of your site as well as add SEO, website analytics, purchase a domain name, and more. There is no coding necessary to make these changes and you can create a color scheme that matches a pre-existing logo perfectly to ensure consistent business branding.

Most website builders offer a full range of widgets to enhance your site. You can add Google maps to make sure your customers can find you, and connect your site to Twitter, Facebook, and other social network sites. There are no plugins necessary to use and install any of it.

Saving Changes
With each change you make to your website, you have the ability to preview the site by clicking on "Preview" in the top right hand corner of your screen. This will show you exactly how your site will look with the changes, without making it live first.

In order to make your site, and any changes you have made, public, you must hit "Publish" first. This is important to remember when hitting "Save" as well. Saving it means your changes will not be lost, but those changes cannot be visible to users until you have also hit "Publish".  (You are not able to "Publish" your site while you are testing the system.  Once you have signed up for and paid for your DIY website builder account, you will be able to "Publish" your site so it is viewable for everyone.)

Publishing Your Website
Once you are happy with the appearance of your site, it is time to "publishl" it. For some, this simply means hitting "publish". If you do not want to pay for hosting, your URL will be your business name plus the website builder URL. While it is not custom, it does get your business on-line with zero start-up costs.

An example of a website URL that is not custom would be However, if you want your URL to be your business, you will need to purchase our program and connect your domain to your new website.  Upgrading also gives you unlimited custom email accounts, extra storage, advanced analytics, customer support and more.

If you do choose to upgrade, publishing your site is very easy to do. Once you make your payment and connect your domain, you again hit "publish" and your site will be live within 24-48 hours.

Maintenance of your site is no different than the initial set-up. If you need to make changes for promotions or add additional products or services, you can just log back into the website builder go to the editor, and make the necessary changes.

An example may be to add a special holiday or seasonal page. When the Holidays are over, the page can either be taken down by hitting delete or it can be changed to reflect a new special.

Our DIY website builder includes free support to answer questions you have along the way, so you are never left to go at it alone.

System Updates
If internal updates to the website building platform are made, you will not need to do anything to your site. It will still function as it did before and you may not even notice that anything has been done.

Using the MyBizNow DIY website builder is a fairly easy process for anyone who has no prior coding or website building knowledge. The layout is similar to that of a Word document. There are advanced settings that can be used for those who have a bit of knowledge on HTML tags. However, you can still get a very customized look & feel in a short amount of time even if you are not techy. There is a small cost if you want your own domain and email capabilities, however, this is a minimal amount and far less expensive than paying someone to build a site for you. Get Started Today!
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