Hardware Replacement

Hardware Replacement

We have all experienced a computer that isn't as fast as it was, or freezes up regularly or is all of a sudden full of pop-ups preventing you from doing even the simplest of tasks.  Most of the time, these issues are caused by software or operating system issues.  Every once in a while however, the issue is hardware related.  

Hardware parts fail and need to be replaced.  Sometimes you can replace the hardware with the same type of hardware that failed, or you can take advantage of the hardware malfunction and upgrade your system with newer parts, giving you a system that is more advanced then the system you originally purchased.

There are also times when your hardware is still functioning but you'd like to upgrade your system instead of purchasing a new one.  Upgrading to a solid state hard drive, or increasing RAM or adding a dedicated graphics card are all hardware replacement options that can significantly improve the quality of your system.

Hardware replacement is a service that MyBizNow offers as an onsite service or you can drop off your system and we can replace the hardware in-house and let you know when it's ready for pickup.  Simply schedule an appointment at a time that is best for you and feel free to call our office to discuss any specific  concerns or requests.

Hardware Replacement

We can replace and upgrade your hardware for an even better system!

Additional Computer Support Services We Offer

In addition to virus & malware removal, we also offer additional computer support services including, but not limited to, the services listed below.

Hardware Replacement

While most issues are software or operating system related, there does come a time when your hardware will fail and will need to be replaced. MyBizNow can help. Schedule an Appointment Today!

Speed Up Computer

Computer taking forever to boot? Freezing up?  Slow to load programs? Schedule a Remote Support Session Today!

Blue Screen of Death

The Blue Screen of Death can ruin just about anyone's day!  Don't fret!  Schedule a Remote Support Session Today!

Computer Maintenance

Just like you take your car in for maintenance, MyBizNow offers computer support maintenance.  Let us keep your system up to date and running smoothly month after month.  Schedule a Remote Support Session Today!

Virus & Malware Removal

Pop-ups?  Browser Redirects?  Viruses?  Malware?  Schedule a Remote Support Session Today!

Custom Computer Builds

MyBizNow is always willing to help you find the best system for your dollar.  Sometimes that system may be available at a retail location, other times you may determine that a custom built system is the best solution.  Schedule an Appointment to discuss your needs!

Network Setup & Support

Having trouble setting up a wireless network?  Keep losing connection to the internet? Internet speed just too slow?  Schedule a Remote Support Session Today!

Setup Backup

Setup a backup and protect your most important files like email, pictures, documents, videos, music, etc.  Schedule a Remote Support Session Today!

Securing Wireless Network

Setting up a new wireless network? Need a wireless network for guests? Wondering if your network is secure? Let us assess your current network & resolve any security issues.  Schedule a Remote Support Session Today!

Add a printer

Having a printer network issue?  Looking to replace or add a printer to your network?  Schedule a Remote Support Session Today!

Schedule an Onsite or Drop Off Appointment

While most computer and network issues can be resolved remotely, there are times when an onsite visit is necessary.

Hardware Replacement

Any hardware replacements or upgrades such as memory, hard drives, motherboard, graphic cards, etc require physical access to the system.  This can be done with an onsite visit or the system can be dropped off and picked up once completed.

Schedule Today!

To schedule an onsite visit or a time to drop off or pickup your system, simply click here, and find a convenient day and time for you.
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