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We know that some people want to be able to build their own website and that's why we are proudly offering your our MyBizNow DIY Website Builder! Now you can design, build and publish your website all with a few clicks! Plus you'll get unlimited hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited professional email addresses & can connect your own domain name too!

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Don't Wait, Just Leap & START BUILDING

Don’t get stuck because you’re not sure how to build what you want, just choose a template and start small. Launch a simple, single-section website in minutes, and then build add to it and develop the site's complexity over time.
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MyBizNow DIY Website Builder is so easy to edit!


Creating a website with MyBizNow's DIY Website Builder is simple, fast, and intuitive. Anyone can create a website in a matter of minutes, using our industry-leading editor. No coding necessary!
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No clue about design?
Don't worry, just try it!

You don't need a design background with MyBizNow's DIY Website Builder. We give you all the design tools you need to make a beautiful website, including beautiful templates to start with and creative elements to add as well. You’ll be surprised at how amazing your website looks once you’re done, without any effort.

So try it out!  Play around with it and actually have fun creating your website. Click around and try things out and in no time you will have a great looking website that looks professionally designed.
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The MyBizNow DIY Website Builder is so easy to use. I had never built a website before and I needed something up and online in time for an event we were hosting later that evening. I literally got the website setup and running in less than 10 minutes!

Jacob O
Scalable, Responsive and SEO FRIENDLY

Scalable, Responsive

Build a one-page website or a website with multiple pages.   Start with any pre-built template, add blocks for additional features and customize everything until you have your dream website. In addition, any content you add will be responsive so it naturally adjusts itself to any device: laptops, tablets, phones - even wearables like smartwatches and the Oculus.

Comprehensive SEO tools are included to help increase your site’s engagement, traffic & conversions. Our suite of SEO tools includes tracking for Google analytics and Facebook pixels.
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