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Finding the right company to host your business online is a decision that should not be made lightly. Is your hosting company accessible? Do they provide more than email support? Where are their servers hosted? Are they located in the United States? How important is security to them? Do they provide automatic backups or security updates?

MyBizNow only provides business class professional hosting. Our servers are located in the United States, we offer round the clock monitoring and support, automatic backups, apply all server security updates and patches and offer both email and phone support.
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Get a Domain

STEP 1:  Register your domain name

Secure Hosting

STEP 2: Sign Up for your Hosting Account

Setup Email

STEP 3: Decide on your email addresses and get them setup

Get Started

STEP 4: Start uploading your site and get ready to go live.


MyBizNow provides business class professional hosting with quality support.
Check out some of our favorite features listed below!

Free SSL Certificate

All business class accounts come with a Free SSL certificate to secure your website allowing your customers to access it through

Unlimited Subdomains

All business class accounts allow for unlimited subdomains.  Setup specific subdomains like or allowing you to host multiple sites in one account.

MYSQL Database

Some websites are developed with html pages, others require a database connection for full functionality.  With your MyBizNow business class account you have access to a MYSQL database giving you more options to create the function your website needs.

Regular Backups

Just like you back up your computer data in your office, MyBizNow provides regular backup services to back up your website..

Unlimited Email Addresses

Your business class hosting comes with an unlimited number of email addresses easily accessible via IMAP on your phone and computer or through webmail

Unlimited Email Forwards

Your business class account includes unlimited email forwards which allows you to forward your email accounts to a different email address or instead of setting up email accounts, you can setup unique email addresses all to forward to one main account.

Unlimited Vacation Messages

Going on vacation or maybe stepping away for a bit? Don't worry! With your business class account you can setup vacation messages with start and end dates that will automatically notifying anyone who contacts you while you are away.

24/7/365 Hosting Server Monitoring

Your business class account includes 24/7/365 Hosting Server Monitoring at no additional cost to you so you don't have to worry.  We monitor your hosting and notify you of any issues we find.

Customer Support

When it comes to your online presence, if something goes wrong or if you have a question, you want more than an email address to reach your host.  MyBizNow offers all of our business class accounts Phone, Text, Email & Live Chat support.  We'll be there when you need us.
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