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DIY Website


So you want to start a business and you know you need a website.  But where do you start?  Should you hire a web designer/developer? Should you build it yourself?  Feel like you have no idea where to start?  Then keep reading, because this article is for you.  

As a web development company, we would love to build you a custom website.  That said, we know that often times, especially in the beginning, you may not have the budget needed to build a custom site, which is exactly why we offer a do-it-yourself (DIY) option.  WAIT! Don't close the browser! We know what you're thinking.  "I don't have the time or the expertise to develop a website on my own!"  You my friend are right and are exactly the kind of client that pushed us to offer our DIY website builder.  We are expecting that you have ZERO CODING knowledge, ZERO DESIGN skills and VERY LITTLE TIME to dedicate to this project.  

Our DIY website builder allows you to design, build and publish your website quickly.  It's simple, fast and intuitive, allowing literally anyone to create a website in a few minutes.  Again, NO CODING OR DESIGN SKILLS NEEDED.  You can design, develop the website and then easily make changes and manage it on your own

Not only does our DIY website builder make it easy to create your company website, but the site you build will be responsive, naturally adjusting itself to any device including laptops, tablets, smartphones, even wearable devices like smartwatches and Oculus!

Sounds pretty cool right?  But let me guess, you're still worried about the time it will take to do it yourself?  Will you need dozens of hours in order to create something that you aren't embarrassed of?  The simple answer is NO.  Our DIY website builder comes packed with a full collection of templates that will allow you to start out small, launching a simple, basic website in minutes.  Then you can log back in, at any time, and build its complexity.  Simply start with any pre-built templates, add pre-made sections and customize everything you want until you have your dream website.  Build a one-pager or a ten-pager, either way our system is perfect for you. Your growth is unlimited. 

Providing you with clean template layouts, professional animation effects, and responsive visuals you are sure to leave an impression on your website visitors.

In addition to an easy to use interface to add content and pictures, you also get comprehensive SEO tools that can help increase your site's engagement, traffic & conversions. Our suite of SEO tools even include tracking for Facebook pixels and Google analytics.  Are you getting excited?  Ready to jump in!  After all, you have at 15 minutes before your next "have to do something" right?  How awesome would it be to start building your own company website in that time and have something to show a friend, partner, spouse, etc after only 15 minutes? 

Still not sure? No worries! We know that some people need to tinker around a bit with something to see if they "get it" before committing.  

This is exactly why we allow you to create an account, build your website and save it, all without ever entering a credit card. That's right! NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED. You don't pay for anything until you're ready to go live and even then, it's only $30/mo and that includes unlimited hosting, security updates, backups, unlimited email addresses @, and customer support! 

Want to reduce the price even more? Go for our annual package of only $300/year! 

So go ahead, click around and try things out. We know that in no time at all, you'll have a beautiful looking website that looks professionally designed. Get stuck? Let us know and we are happy to help! 

Like the idea of the builder but want to hire us to just use it to build your site for you? We can do that too! The choice is yours! Just get yourself online with a website you are proud of. Click here to get started today!

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