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Most people in today's day and age know the basics when it comes to how to use a computer.  Turning it on, no problem.  Getting online, easy enough.  Checking email or surfing the web, no trouble there.  Typing up a document, you know the basics, but this article has a couple shortcuts, aka tricks that might help you save some time.

When it comes to deleting, most of us tap the delete key (which deletes what's in front of your cursor, or we press the backspace key which will delete each letter behind the cursor.  Unfortunately you have to keep pressing the backspace key for each letter that you want to delete.  But what if you could delete whole words at a time?  Well with this tip, you can!


Simply hold down the CTRL key and Backspace key together, which will delete one whole word.  To delete more than one word, keep holding down the CTRL key and tap the backspace key until you've deleted everything you wanted to.

Now let's talk about some tricks you can use when you're on the internet.

Ever have a bunch of windows open in your browser or multiple programs open at once?  Trying to find where to click to open up the right windows can be a pain.  With the ALT + TAB trick however, you can flip through the windows with a couple clicks.  Holding down the ALT + TAB key and then tapping the TAB key, will allow you to cycle through to the next open program or window.

*BONUS TIP - if you have too many programs or windows open, try pressing the Windows key and the TAB key (instead of the ALT key) and you can scroll through all of the programs and windows you have open.

Tired of having to grab your mouse or scroll on your touchpad in order to place your cursor in the address bar?  Press and CTRL key and the letter L key.  Doing so, highlights the address bar automatically so you can immediately being typing in a new website address. 

Want a quick way to open up a new tab?  Hold down the CTRL key and tap the letter T key. There you go!

NOTE:  Each time you tap the T key, you open a new tab so tap slowly.

Windows + D
We know this hasn't ever happened to you, but we know that sometimes, some people may be doing something on their computer that maybe they shouldn't be doing.  Like maybe they are at the office and have jumped into the social media time warp.  All of a sudden they see their boss walking towards them.  With no time to grab a mouse and click to close the browser, they remember this amazing article!  All they need to do is hit the Windows key and the letter D key.  Then with that simple key combination, all of their programs, including that darn Facebook page, are minimazed, showing only their desktop. Job saved!

Windows + L
This last tip is a must know for everyone.  Whenever you leave your computer, press the
CTRL key and the letter L key to lock it.

Have any other tips you'd like to share with us?  Send them over to support @ and your tip may be featured in our next newsletter!

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