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Avoid Overcharging your laptop battery


We all have wireless devices and we are becoming more and more dependent on them.  This dependence leads us all on a quest to optimizing our battery power.

We've all been there.  With hours of work left to do, you look down to see your battery's power draining.  First 90%, then 75% and so on.  Your first instinct is to quickly grab your power adaptor and look for a plug.  Your plug in, see the battery icon at full again and you feel a sense of relief.  While this scenario is one we have most likely all experienced, we are here to offer a tip.  If you want to extend your battery life ... RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO PLUG IN THE MOMENT YOUR PC FALLS BELOW 60% BATTERY LIFE.

When you charge your battery too often it leads to overchargning.  Overcharging causes your battery to lose its regenerative capability.  Before you know if, you have a laptop battery that can't hold a charge nearly as well as it did originally.

To avoid being shackeled to your charger, don't kill your battery.  Once your laptop battery reaches 100%, UNPLUG from the charger and don't plug it in again until the power is actually low.

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