Whether you scored a great deal on Black Friday, got a Roku for Hanukkah or have been a long time Roku user, we have one suggestion for you.  Open up your Roku app today and download the YouTube app. Yes download it now, before December 9, 2021.  If you wait, you most likely won't be able to.  

Don't watch YouTube much?  Doesn't matter.  You might want to in the future and unless things change by December 9th, YouTube will no longer be available for download in the Roku Channel Store.  

To download YouTube follow these simple steps:

  • From your remote, press the Home
  • Choose Streaming Channels 
  • Search "YouTube." 
  • Add the app
  • You're all set

Now we could spend a bunch of time explaining why all of this is happening, but in all honesty, all you need to know is that Roku and Google are fighting and as a result, YouTube is being removed from the Roku app on December 9th, unless they stop fighting. (Here's Roku's press release, if you want to read more.)

Bottom line: If you own a Roku, download the YouTube app today.  You may not use it often now but that doesn't mean sometime down the road you aren't going to want to.  Of course Roku and Google may kiss and make-up, but we aren't betting on it.