Thursday, 24 April 2014 is now offering a cost-effective and user-friendly web store that allows you to get up online with a professional presence and full functionality.

The webstore gives you the ability to add/edit/delete your products and site pages, without having to know code!

Through a secure administration area, you have complete control of all of your content! In addition, as your business grows/changes we can always add additional features* to your webstore to accommodate your needs.

Some of the incredible features of the store include:

Add/Edit/Delete products – this includes uploading the appropriate picture, adding your description, pricing, etc All products can also be put into categories/subcategories

Add/Edit/Delete site pages – the pages are then incorporated into the product store for both ease of use and consistency of design. You can copy/paste your content and place it in the site page and the system itself auto-creates the links, pages, etc.

The beauty of this system is that it gives you a starting point, in a short period of time, to get up and online with complete functionality and low upfront cost. The system has a setup fee $250 with a $50/mo fee. With the system you have complete control of all of your product and site pages via the administrative area, full site stats, unlimited email, database hosting (the system requires a database) full product reporting, etc.

The reporting feature of the system is great as you can again login to the administrative area and view your most ordered products, monthly sales tax reporting, top customers, customers that did or did not order certain items, visits/hits, keywords used, etc.

You can also email all of your customers or only one via the administrative area.

All orders that are placed are immediately/automatically emailed both to the customer – with a receipt – and to you – to notify you of the order. You then login to the system and are able to update/communicate with the customer about that order. You’ll see what they purchased, method of payment (I believe you are starting out with paypal), where to ship the product. You can then update the status of each order and email that info to the customer, or the customer can simply login to their account and see the updated order status as well. This way you can update the order to maybe Processing, or In Transit, or Waiting for check payment, etc. The customer can also reply to you via their account online with any questions, comments about the order.

My favorite feature of this system is the customer management piece. If you want to maintain all of her client data in one secure location, she can do that via the admin area of this system. Here you can create an account for her client – the system will then sent an email to that client to tell them their username/password and that an account was just created at You could also place an order for that client – it would include the payment method and is used as a receipt feature as well. This then allows the client, at a time convenient to them, to login and view their order history, reorder items quickly, with only a few clicks of a button and print any receipts they may need for product/services that were purchased.

Sign up today and get online professionally and affordably!


*Store Builder has a one-time setup fee of $250 plus $50/mo. Monthly fees will be auto-billed to your payment method on file, each month between the 15th-20th for the following month's service.

Monthly Price
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5 GB
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Admin Area to Control Content
24x7 Support Center
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Email  Features
Email Accounts (POP/IMAP)
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Security & Reliability Features
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SSL Certificates
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Custom Design Option only $250!