Friday, 18 April 2014
With the many services that offers - we focus on providing solutions that truly fit our clients' needs. We take the time to learn about your business as well as your industry and we offer solutions that are affordable for any budget. promotes to our clients Open Source software solutions. Open Source is free of charge and does not include expensive or limiting licensing fees.

We do not recommend or build systems on Microsoft platforms, not just because of the well-publicized security issues, but primarily because of the incredibly high cost. Similarly, we do not build Java (JSP) or Cold Fusion websites. The partners in this firm have been building sites since 2000 and strongly feel that proprietary solutions based on Windows or Java are over-priced, over-hyped, and fail to deliver on their promise.

We build in PHP, on mySQL databases, and we strongly recommend obtaining advanced functionality cheaply by adopting, and if necessary modifying, existing Open Source solutions.

With Open Source software solutions, highly functional systems are being taken out of the hands of dominant corporations and made available to web developers everywhere.

Sure, you can pay a lot more money to get a branded solution, but at the end of the day you find that you are simply paying a lot more -- not getting a lot more.

While there are no restrictions or special requirements, we build and host our Open Source software solutions to run on Apache with PHP and mySQL.

Very simple: You pay us for the added value of our expertise in customizing the systems to your needs and for designing the interfaces and look and feel to match your corporate identity.

In our view, this is the way it should be: Why should you pay for a brand or generic code? Rather, you should pay us for the ability to make that code work for your company in the manner you desire with the appearance you desire. You pay for our assistance with setting up the environment, testing the solution, and getting the entire thing ready for market, without eating up your time.

Our client philosophy is not to hurry up and "sell" a project and then "walk away". Our clients come to us and we build long-term relationships. Your web needs are constantly changing and we are there when you need us to do an upgrade, add a new feature, or otherwise help you make the most of your web project.

We can help you design and then execute a professional, effective web presence. Review our portfolio: The partners in have built projects for businesses of all sizes with unique needs and we have exceeded their expectations. We bring that same expertise to every project, be it a static html site for marketing, or a full-blown portal project.

We're not the cheapest develpers/designers around (nor do we want to be!), neither are we the most expensive. Frankly, we screen our clients as much as they screen us. We seek clients who understand value and who are willing to work with us on a professional basis. The web business today suffers from an over-abundance of amateurs who all claim to build websites. Don't let someone else's lack of experience force you to lessen your expectations. Experience does matter and it is our experience that allows us to customize solutions that fit your business requirements. Check out our portfolio of satisfied clients and answer us this one question: Isn't it time you gave your business a professional image? If you answered yes - then is your answer! Contact us today!