Thursday, 24 April 2014
Remote Support is a way for us to save you time and frustration by providing you with instant access to computer support help.
  • No more waiting for a technician to come to your home or office.
  • No more unplugging your computer and packing it up to ship or dropping it off.
  • No more trying to figure out how to plug it back in once you get your computer back.
  • Downtime is now reduced significantly saving you time and productivity.
Whether you are a home user, home-based business user or Fortune 500 company our remote support services allow us to assist you in solving your computer problems and answering your computer questions now. By taking control of your desktop via our remote support services we can perform the necessary tasks remotely saving you time. Now you can show us the error instead writing it down or telling us from memory.

Remote Support also allows us to train and answer computer software/hardware related questions quickly and efficiently. Our clients love the fact that we can show them how to run a program, install software, set up their email, etc instead of simply telling them and hoping they remember all the steps. Remote Support allows us to help you today - no more scheduling appointments or extended downtime. No more headaches and confusion. Just quality computer support when you need it!


Remote Support and Repair Solutions are billed at $35 per half hour, in half hour blocks, with a minimum $35 charge.