Sunday, 20 April 2014

Why we are better and faster?

You'll be surprised to know that our hosting plans will outperform that of most VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud™ hosting plans out there. Here are some of the reasons why we are the undisputed leader in performance.

Reason #1: Fast SAS based 15K5 RPM Hard Drives
We are one of the first and the only few hosting companies that actually provides incredibly fast 15K5 RPM SAS drives to the market.

Studies have shown, these drives can boost performance by 300%.
Reason #2: Enterprise LiteSpeed™ Web Server
LiteSpeed™ is an enterprise level web server developed specifically to provide the highest performance in web server technology. It can deliver up to 5x to 10x performance gains than traditional Apache web server.
Reason #3: Enhanced MySQL Server
Due to our faster I/O speed and cache-optimized Mysql, we are able to provide much higher transactions per second ratio than any of our other competitors out there.
Reason #4: Solid Multi-Homed OC-192 Network for High Traffic
Our exclusive low-hop network and high-availability OC-192 bandwidth ensures that you will get the quickest and the most reliable access to your data while ensuring you with an incredible 100% uptime network.
Reason #5: Absolutely Zero Overselling
We have an automated server monitoring program that checks for the health conditions of each and every server. We are constantly managing our servers for any types of performance hit so our servers will be in top-shape conditions at all times.

Other Exclusive Features

AtMail™ (AJAX-based Webmail)
Enjoy our easy-to-use and friendly Ajax-based webmail
Advanced Spam and Virus Detection
Stop unwanted and unsolicited emails from clogging your mail accounts